"Emotion Wellbeing: VR Contents will notice your emotion "

VR Interaction UX Design 

You can interact with VR contents via kinect, which can detect your motion in the room. 
We did not use HMD (Head Mounted Display) but instead of that, we used a beam project to decorate our room. The VR contents could receive our emotion by brain waves and PPG.
If I feel gloomy, they let us experience a much happier room with some dynamic events in the VR contents. Those technology was related with color, sound and tactic which are supposed to make our mental health better.

My Role & Design Process

As I am a UX designer, I did converge the direction of our VR contents: Emotion-wellbeing. 
That means, I lead researching Design Trend, Technology Trend and Social Tends, also decided our contents by affinity diagram and personas (UX methodologies) etc. 
After deciding our contents direction, I supported GUI with designers. 
The overall process looks like the next image. I focused on UX design (contents theme, flow, exhibit, interaction, etc.) + GUI design. Also, I did a 3D cad graphics to make our touch beam projector's supportive fixture. After finishing our exhibition at "2016 Korea VR festival", our contents were accepted at HCI Korea proceeding.



Space environment makes you navigate wide horizon of galaxy. While navigate with your hands, our room detect your hands by 'leapmotion'. When you feel happy, lots of the astronauts fall off in front of you.


That's the seashore. Isn't it beautiful? If you are happy, fireworks will give you positive energy. When you are not, the sound of the seashore can make you feel good.


Once you enter into the forest, you will notice huge lights floating by the winds. If not, you may feel not good and then the scene turns out to be raining and foggy atmosphere.


When you walk around the city, you would notice lots of streetlights. And, if you see fireworks, you might be happy! We can make your feeling much happier.