Emotion-Wellbeing by VR Contents

2016 Korea VR Festival

: We can be healed by VR contents,

which detect my emotional statue with PPG, Brain Waves, Face Recognition,

VR contents recommend us to navigate the emotions of mother nature through VR

Emotion Well-being:  I'm rediscovering myself, I'm starting over with VR space.





James Dyson Award


National Top 5 - Coolmet

: Safety Helmet for the Constructor site workers

, to prevent Heatstroke by Cooling down body temperatures





Hyundai Motors UX Design


Low Cost High Quality

: Car UX Design with Design thinking methods





AQUAPRO: Save your seafriends


Seafish Iot Monitoring System

: PH, Salinity, Temperature sensors & alarm system,

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign